Patriot Indoor Airgun Shooting Range and Retail Shop

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On Friday, August 28th 2020, Patriot Indoor Airgun Shooting Range and Retail Shop will officially be opening its doors to the public.

Patriot has created the first of its kind in South Africa and has designed an outdoor experience within an indoor airgun shooting range.

The Patriot Indoor Airgun Shooting Range welcomes all airgunners, air rifle brands, and styles ranging from Pneumatic to Springer Airguns and PCP Air Rifles.

What you can expect at the Indoor Airgun Shooting Range…

Located at the Baruch Business Park in Stikland, Cape Town, you will discover a modern indoor airgun shooting facility that strives to showcase cutting edge airgun trends inviting you to a world full of adventure.

Inside, you will find 10 fully adjustable shooting benches which provide comfortable seating for right and left-handed shooters.

Experienced shooters and novices are both welcome to practice precision shooting and have fun with reactive and paper targets.

Rykie Laubscher who was the driving force behind the interior design of the shooting range got inspiration from three breathtaking landscapes in South Africa where one can not only hunt but where families spend most of their time together in nature. The Karoo, Kalahari and the Bushveld.

The depth of the wall art colours on the right are designed to create the fantasy of dreamy clouds and blue skies prominent of the Karoo accompanied by travelling backroads and open space.

In contrast, to the left, one can see red sand dunes and endless views of the Kalahari Desert which evokes bucket lists and memories of getaways with a desire to return.

In between the walls of the downrange, there is a careful design that creates the illusion of physically being outdoors, with a 40m range and two stories of high ceiling filled with reactive targets, windmills and lifelike wildlife grazing across indigenous shrubs.

The Bushveld theme comes across in the lounge where the vision was to create an inspiring and relaxing space where visitors can connect over similar interests and hobbies, and hopefully make new friends. The space mimics the great outdoors and nature bringing a feeling of tranquillity and awe at our beautiful creation.

Rykie Laubscher’s vision for the indoor airgun shooting range intends to evoke emotion through the interior design elements and luxurious comfortability of the shooters lounge.

The unique features of the décor create sentimentality by having friends and family contribute plants, thorn branches, skulls, horns and other embellishments that bring stories to life and capture fond memories.

Besides airgun enthusiasts, our multigenerational shooting range welcomes adults and kids of all ages for plinking and air rifle fun shooting.

A sense of community is immediately created with family and friends who walk and journey together.

As you leave the range to re-enter the busy rush of everyday life, you’ll find yourself wanting to return or start planning your next adventure.

Let’s take it outdoors!