Unleash the Precision Power: Introducing the FX Panthera Airgun in South Africa

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Master the Competition: The FX Panthera - Purpose-Built for PRS/NRL Disciplines

The New FX Panthera is in South Africa

Are you ready for the future of air gunning? The FX Panthera is here, and it is unlike any other airgun that FX Airguns has ever designed.

You’re probably wondering why. Well, here it is.

FX Airguns has once again outdone themselves by incorporating cutting-edge technology throughout the design of the FX Panthera.

The FX Panthera has been specifically engineered as a specialized slug rifle with long-range shooting in mind, prioritizing technicality and functionality.

Dive into the following video featuring the FX Panthera Airgun: An In-Depth Review by Matt Dubber on the AirArmsHuntingSA YouTube Channel.

FX Panthera available from Patriot in South Africa.

The FX Panthera airgun from FX Airguns now available through Patriot in South Africa, along with a range of other premium gun accessories to tailor your shooting experience.

Visit our website here to view the price of the FX Panthera airgun in South Africa.

Features of the FX Panthera :

With accuracy being one of the main dynamics of the FX Panthera, FX Airguns added a new Dynamic Block and Dynamic Plenum design to the airgun, adding to the rifle’s remarkable accuracy.

The Dynamic Block has an extra-large breech inside, which allows for slugs of up to 13mm in length.
FX Airguns have created a newly developed High Power/Short Impulse one-piece valve to ensure that the gun delivers on the promise of large and high-speed airflow.

The calibre and the projectile’s weight will determine what capacity Dynamic Plenum you will require. The bigger the calibre and the heavier the projectile, the more capacity you’ll need inside the plenum.

The various plenum sizes on offer range from:

  • Micro (sub 12 ft./lb.),
  • Macro (47 cc),
  • Magnum (95 cc)
  • Magnum XL (156 cc)


FX Panthera airgun barrel selections. 

You can choose between the 500, 600, or 700mm for your barrel liner options which can be viewed here below: 

FX Panthera 500mm |  FX Superior STX barrel liner, black tube

FX Panthera 600mm | Superior Heavy STX barrel liner and carbon fibre liner sleeve.

FX Panthera 700mm | Superior Heavy STX barrel liner and carbon fibre liner sleeve.

Which barrel liner option of the FX Panthera airgun is the best fit for you?

If you would like to be versatile and shoot both pellet and light slugs, your best option will be to choose the 500mm barrel liner, where you will receive the regular FX Superior STX liner.
If your preference is shooting slugs, the Panthera 600 & 700 come with FX Superior Heavy STX barrel liners.

The FX Panthera: A Feature-Packed Competition-Ready Airgun.

The FX Panthera comes with a competition–ready stock that features a 14.75” Arca rail, an adjustable buttstock, a zero-angle grip, and a cheekpiece for ambidextrous use. The cheekpiece is not only adjustable in height, but you can also change it from left to right. The short throw cocking lever can also be switched from side to side too.

Customized Stock for Optimal Performance

  • 14.75″ Arca rail for enhanced stability.
  • Adjustable buttstock for personalized comfort.
  • Zero-angle grip for improved ergonomics.
  • Ambidextrous cheekpiece, adjustable in height and orientation.
  • Reversible short throw cocking lever for convenient use.

Filling the 300cc carbon fibre bottle is also one of the simplest things to do, thanks to the rear-located Foster quick connection that comes with a dust cap.

Easy Filling and Convenient Connection

  • 300cc carbon fibre bottle with rear-located Foster quick connection.
  • Dust cap for added protection.
  • Simple and hassle-free filling process.

This is an easy-to-navigate airgun with customized features such as a Quick Tune System, a 20MOA Picatinny scope rail, a zero-angle AR grip, and an ambidextrous side lever cocking handle. The airgun also has dual-angled manometers that display the bottle and regulated plenum pressure.

Enhanced Navigation and Customization.

  • Quick Tune System for easy adjustments.
  • 20MOA Picatinny scope rail for precise aiming.
  • Zero-angle AR grip for comfortable handling.
  • Ambidextrous side lever cocking handle for versatility
  • Dual-angled manometers for monitoring bottle and regulated plenum pressure

Where to Buy the FX Panthera Airgun in South Africa? Visit Patriot – The Marksman Boutique

Discover the FX Panthera airgun at Patriot – The Marksman Boutique in South Africa and take advantage of our exclusive offer: a complimentary custom tune for enhanced performance and accuracy. Our team of experts will fine-tune your airgun to ensure optimal performance tailored to your preferences. 

Visit our store in Cape Town or shop online today for a wide range of FX Airguns products and the ultimate airgunning experience.

FX Panthera Airgun Features.

The single AMP MKII regulator may be fine-tuned and has its own pressure gauge. It enables you to reduce the 250 bar bottle’s (300 cc and equipped with its own pressure gauge) pressure so that the plenum pressure is just right for your chosen ammunition.

The macro adjustment wheel’s numbered steps can be used to fine-tune the hammer spring preload. The next step in fine-tuning is a micro adjustment with a visible scale to help you see what you’re doing. As a result, selecting a setting is simple.

The air rifle’s cocking system is a right-handed side lever with an ambidextrous mount, allowing left-handed shooters to reposition it on their left side.

Comes with a 18 shot .22 mag that has a redesigned fit made to hold those longer slugs

The Stock is ambidextrous and features a height-adjustable cheekpiece in addition to a rear recoil pad that can be altered in height, angle, and length of pull. It also has a mount for a bag rider and a zero-angle grip. The stock has an AR15 mount requirement and a 14.75-inch-long Arca-Swiss rail. All M-Lok systems include five different configurations for attaching a Picatinny rail, and they are located on the left and right sides, the bottom side of the stock, and a top accessory attachment. For a stable grip when shooting from odd postures, it also includes barricade stops.

The Barrel is a Superior STX with a carbon fiber liner sleeve underneath the barrel shroud.
The famed Superior STX barrel system features a changeable Superior STX Heavy liner in the case of a 700mm into which the rifling is pressed from the outside. This is done
to maintain the smoothest interior of the barrel and to guarantee a tight seal around the projectile. Underneath the barrel shroud on the liner is a carbon fiber sleeve. Hierdie is 2 keer genoem

The Optics feature a Picatinny rail with a built-in 6 MIL/20 MOA angle and markings on the right side for easy repositioning.

The trigger blade is an adjustable match trigger which can be rotated for angle and modified for reach and height. Trigger adjustment is just a tuneable as what it is on any other FX rifle.

The Panthera also has Dual Angled Gauges for air tube pressure (WIKA) and regulator pressure (WIKA).

Additional features include an AMP MkII Regulator, which is externally adjustable and has a Quick Tune System with micro and macro adjustment of hammer spring tension.

You can add MDT weights onto the pre-fitted M-LOK shrouded rail as well as FX dynamic barrel weights. The heavier your gun the more stable it will become which can lead to more accurate shooting.

The rifle can be further customized with additional add-ons such barrel weights, Mini-Mag, Picatinny accessory sections, and a tungsten hammer.


FX Airguns

You can purchase your FX Pathera, or any FX Airguns product from our store or online.
FX Airguns in South Africa.

FX Airguns is a Swedish manufacturer of air rifles based in Mariestad, Västra Götaland.
The business was established in 1999 by Fredrik Axelsson and is renowned for its large selection of hunting and competition pre-charged pneumatic rifles. FX Airguns has a team of over 50 Swedish craftsmen and engineers. They have honed their skills to perfection, and lovingly handcraft FX’s airguns.

Patriot is the sole importer and distributor of FX Airguns in South Africa, we are dedicated to offering local customer service, product, and technical support to retailers and the airgun community.

FX Airguns has truly outdone itself with the FX Panthera by continuously pushing the boundaries of airgun performance and upholding its title as one of the best in the business.

The FX Panthera will undoubtedly alter the world of precision rifles.



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