Our Story

Evoke your devotion to adventure.

Our story

Patriot Outdoors was born out of both desire and necessity. It started with a passion for the great outdoors and a vision to see an improvement in service delivery for South Africa’s shooting industry.

That dream became a reality when these men came together and built a business to meet these needs, providing quality products and professional, competent service for those with the same passion. And like they say, the rest is history.

Who we are

Patriot is made up of a unique team of shooting specialists and airgun enthusiasts. We promote the sport and lifestyle of air gunning and love exploring the unknown. We find strength in building relationships and going on outdoor adventures.

South African retailers and airgun enthusiasts can look forward to insight on the latest technology and development within the airgun industry coupled with local support for international brands from our team at Patriot.

Our team regularly travels abroad for training on new innovative products and updated services information, transferring this knowledge to our South African airgun community.

Meet our innovation team

Wentzel Jonker

Wentzel Jonker is the General Manager at Patriot. His experience spans more than 26 years with diverse soft and hard skills. He oversees many pivotal areas such as R&D, supplier management, negotiations when it comes to new product pricing and procurement of stock, the handling of all deliveries as well as sales training and system development. His strategic approach to the numerous decisions which the business makes is invaluable to the growth and development of the Patriot brand.

Gerhard Slabbert

Gerhard Slabbert, Operations Manager at Patriot, brings his experience to South Africa as part of the Research and Development Team for FX Airguns. He will be heading up the Service and Distribution Centre and actively mentoring new and emerging airgun shooters. Gerhard’s expertise in custom power tuning, airgun servicing and technical reviews is something to stay on top of.

Matt Dubber

Matt Dubber has been deeply involved in the advancement of PCP Airgun technology through the development of the Smooth Twist X Slug Liners, and has been widely acknowledged as the driving force behind the agenda to make small bore slugs more widely available. Matt Joins Team Patriot alongside fellow South African Roelf Vorster who has the same passion for technical advancements in the Airgun world.

Roelf Vorster

Roelf’s technical background has been key to our web & IT infrastructure at Patriot – something that we believe has been lacking amongst Airgun distributors in South Africa – and his experience in design has given us a kickstart as we begin work on some exciting new projects.

These three, while perhaps known primarily as “YouTubers”, bring many years of combined experience and expertise to the team and ensure that strong relationships between manufacturers, retailers and end users are always maintained.

Andries Laubscher

Andries Laubscher is the driving force behind Patriot Outdoors. Andries’ passion for shooting & the outdoors led him to dream big, and provided the vision which first brought the team together. His entrepreneurial spirit and business experience made it possible to turn the passion of everyone involved into reality.

We aim to share the knowledge from industry leaders with the local airgun community to further grow and cultivate the passion for sports shooting.

Our Vision

To be the industry leader in the airgun, sport shooting and hunting industry with brands that are built on a passion for the outdoors and our customers.

Our Mission
  • To be recognized for our expertise and service to the airgun, sport shooting and hunting industry by the value and support we bring to this community daily.
  • To enable customers to live the outdoor lifestyle and enjoy sport shooting and hunting activities responsibly and safely. We do this by applying responsible and safety measures during our hunting and shooting activities.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction by providing accurate information and great value through our products, services and training.