FX Airguns Import, Distribution and Service Centre for South Africa.

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We are proud to announce that Patriot is the new sole importer and distributor for FX Airguns in South Africa.

As the new sole importer and distributor for FX Airguns in South Africa, we are dedicated to offering local customer service, product and technical support to retailers and the airgun community.

FX Airguns are unique innovations and are technologically advanced. Our team at Patriot consists of professional marksmen that have years of experience in the fields of hunting and sport shooting with the FX Airguns range of guns. We now offer South Africa with technical support and services from internationally trained FX Technicians sharing our knowledge and expertise with our local shooters.

Through our collaboration with FX Airguns, we are excited to offer a dedicated FX Service Centre with qualified personnel to better assist retailers and end-users in South Africa with technical support.

Even though our imports and trade have been affected by Covid-19’s various lockdown stages, we are committed to still provide local customer service and product support through online media and virtual events.

One of the most significant advantages of forging a central distribution point for FX Airguns in South Africa and throughout Africa is firstly, to streamline the import of the FX Airguns matching the supply and demand for South African airgunners. Secondly, we can ensure adequate flow of inventory to meet customer demands.

If you are interested in where to find FX Airguns in South Africa, you can contact us and we will direct you to the nearest retailer in your area.

FX Airguns Service and Distribution Centre, a hub of support to the local industry.

South African retailers and airgun enthusiasts can look forward to insight on the latest technology and development within the airgun industry coupled with local support for international brands from our team at Patriot.

In addition to our development programs, we will be interacting with fellow airgunners through social media and virtual events until such a time that range days are permitted around Covid-19 lockdown regulations again.

Our team regularly travels abroad for training on new innovative products and updated services information, transferring this knowledge to our South African airgun community.

Gerhard Slabbert, Operations Manager at Patriot, brings his experience to South Africa as part of the Research and Development Team for FX Airguns. He will be heading up the Service and Distribution Centre and actively mentoring new and emerging airgun shooters. Gerhard’s expertise in custom power tuning, airgun servicing and technical reviews is something to stay on top of.

Matt Dubber has been deeply involved in the advancement of PCP Airgun technology through the development of the Smooth Twist X Slug Liners, and has been widely acknowledged as the driving force behind the agenda to make small bore slugs more widely available. Matt Joins Team Patriot alongside fellow South African Roelf Vorster who has the same passion for technical advancements in the Airgun world.

Roelf’s technical background has been key to our web & IT infrastructure at Patriot – something that we believe has been lacking amongst Airgun distributors in South Africa – and his experience in design has given us a kickstart as we begin work on some exciting new projects.

These three, while perhaps known primarily as “YouTubers”, bring many years of combined experience and expertise to the team and ensure that strong relationships between manufacturers, retailers and end users are always maintained.

Our goal in collaborating with FX Airguns extends beyond bringing qualified technical support to South Africa. We aim to share the knowledge from industry leaders with the local airgun community to further grow and cultivate the passion for sports shooting.

We offer services that range from custom power tuning to airgun maintenance including testing for leaks, regulator consistency, accuracy, trigger functionality and visual inspection.

You can read in more detail about our services and technical support here.

Retreat to “The Bunker” – something new is coming

Coming soon, our on-site public indoor shooting range will act as a testing and product training facility, as well as a hub for the airgun community to better connect.

“The Bunker” will also host virtual events until the time permits for range days around Covid-19 lockdown regulations.

About FX Airguns

FX Airguns is a Swedish airgun manufacturer that provides cutting edge technology on airguns and has elevated the airgun industry into a new era. They are globally considered an industry leader because of their passion and ingenuity for airguns.

Most recently they have brought us the FX Impact MKII with Power Plenum that improves both power and efficiency. The superior barrel liners are also one of their latest upgrades to fine-tune the barrel system.

You can read more about the FX Impact MKII Power Plenum Edition here.

The full range of FX Airguns will be for sale in South Africa within our caliber restrictions, and if you can’t find a specific model, speak to us about securing a special order subject to availability.

While things may feel uncertain right now, we are here to provide you with expert knowledge and advice to suit your experience level through our product knowledge, technical support and training.

Read more about Patriot and our story here.