How to increase your accuracy with shooting aids and accessories

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Improve Your Shot

Here are a few tips on how to improve your shooting abilities with must-have shooting aids and accessories.

Every shooter out there strives for the same thing – Accuracy. Now we all know if you can control your breathing, repeat trigger pull, and know your distance to target, you have pretty much all the fundamentals to make a good shot, but what if you can double or triple your chances of shooting that bull every time? Well… this is where shooting aids and accessories give you that upper hand and the edge needed to make it happen.  

So what is a shooting aid? A shooting aid is a tool that can help you to steady your gun or help to advance your shooting ability. Bipods, tripods, and shooting bags are just a few good examples of shooting aids.

Benchrest shooting is a shooting sports discipline in which high-precision rifles are shot at paper targets. The rifles ride on a front, and rear rest, and shooters use extra equipment to keep steady before every shot.

shooting accessories – Bipods, shooting bags, and bag riders.

The most popular two shooting aids are bipods and shooting bags. On airguns and firearms, bipods are commonly used on rifles to provide a forward rest and reduce motion. Bipods help to reduce fatigue and improve accuracy and stability. These days, most good bipods are fully height-adjustable and can be tilted, allowing the rifle to lean left and right. There are three ways for bipods to be folded: away from the shooter, towards the shooter, or into a vertical foregrip.

In the shooting world, shooting bags are considered one of the most underrated accessories. When used correctly, it will enhance your ability in the field and on the bench significantly. Many of today’s top competitive shooters swear by this setup. You can use a big shooting bag for front support and a smaller one in the back of the gun to give you that calm, steady shot needed for pinpoint accuracy. If you own an FX Impact and you want to take it a step further, then the Saber Tactical Bag Rider is an excellent combo for the shooting bag at the back. The bag rider gives you the ability to move your point of aim upwards and downwards without any effort, and by doing so, keeping your gun dead still and stable.

Tripods and arca rails

The idea of mounting a precision rifle to a tripod has taken off over the past few years, and it’s surprising how steady and accurate you can be kneeling or even standing behind one. Having your gun mounted on top of a tripod makes shooting outdoors much more doable and gives you the ability to take shots on target much faster with more stability.

Saber Tactical Arca Swiss accessory rail – Saber Tactical is a company that specializes in airgun accessories for the FX Airguns range. One of their accessories is called an “Arca Swiss Rail” that fits your FX Impact and then allows you to connect your gun to a tripod with an arca swiss quick release system. This gives you the ability to clip your rifle on and off the tripod quickly. Saber Tactical has the arca rail system incorporated into their new Dreamline chassis and makes it a perfect combo setup with a tripod. 

Saber Tactical  Buttstock and Cheek Riser

One of the essential shooting fundamentals is a good cheek weld. What is cheek weld? Cheek weld” refers to the firm contact that your cheek should make with the top of your stock. When adjusted properly, a good cheek weld should allow your dominant eye to comfortably look straight into your scope or sights and will lead to better accuracy.

If you own an FX Impact, this is an excellent aid for that perfect alignment and comfort. The Saber Tactical CheekRiser gives you the ability to adjust your cheekpiece’s height and angle on your FX Impact. A great combo with the cheek riser is the fully adjustable buttstock from Saber Tactical. The Saber Tactical buttstock gives you the ability to adjust your height, length of pull, and curvature for maximum comfort. We all know, the more comfortable you are behind your gun, the more the chances of you making that perfect shot!

FX Pocket Crony and bubble levels

A chronograph is one of the most powerful tools imaginable. A bullet’s velocity is one of the significant contributors to its behavior in flight. The FX Pocket Crony is a perfect aid to help you understand and calculating bullet velocity. This crony is rated for airgun use only but gives you all the correct data to ensure that your projectile velocity is always at the optimal point for the best accuracy. A must-have for air gunners.

And speaking about airguns, one of the most overlooked and forgotten little tools is the spirit level. If you are serious about your accuracy and long-range shooting ability, then you need one of them.  Spirit levels are one such accessory that has become a ‘must’ among competitors at the highest level. The scope is mounted above the barrel, so it’s adjusted to look through the pellet’s trajectory so that the point of impact coincides with the aim point at a certain distance from the gun. However, if you tip the gun to either side and then sight it, your crosshairs will still be on the point of aim, but the barrel will no longer be directly below the scope. It will be to one side or the other, depending on which way the rifle leans, and this will lead to a miss on target. A spirit level will guide you as you set up for your shot and give you the ability to keep your gun perfectly upright and ensure your pellet or slug’s trajectory follows through as expected to the target.

To keep up with your competitors, you need to keep up with the game. So don’t get left behind… and use the shooting aids on offer to your advantage!