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If you are looking for an airgun that can fulfil all your shooting needs, than the FX Impact M3 is for you. It has been the biggest airgun to hit the South African in years and is considered by many as the best all round air rifle on the market. And we will have to agree!!


The unrelenting innovation continues as FX proudly announces the addition of the rear Power Block to the FX Impact M3. No rifle has continued to advance what airguns are capable of like the FX Impact. It’s both iconic and beloved for good reasons.

We know that all shooters have different needs when it comes to the type of rifle they need and the practicality of that rifle. So when it comes to power and accuracy, the M3 offers its shooter the complete package.

The Impact M3 was developed for quality, precision, modularity and adjustability. It performs, it delivers and it continues to provide the ideal environment for innovation to take place.

Let’s take a closer look at the FX Impact M3’s new Power Block

FX Impact Power Block

As much as the power plenum stages the power capabilities of the FX Impact, the rear block handles that transfer of power much like a hot rodded car’s ported and polished intake manifold. FX has completely redesigned the rear block and the valve house which allows better air flow, efficiency, and power potential.

The Power Block will be of particular use for those who desire to shoot the Impact at higher power, especially those shooting heavy slugs. The pressure in the plenum can now better translate to the pressure behind the slug upon firing, allowing higher speeds and power. Those shooting heavy slugs are encouraged to add the FX Impact Tungsten Hammer weight to also allow for higher working pressures.

This change was a rolling development introduced into FX manufacturing at the beginning of 2022. All FX Impacts manufactured in 2022 have a Power Block (though unbranded until now). 2021 M3’s can be upgraded to the Power Block and its associated valve house. Older Impacts can also be upgraded to this new Power Block but will need to have a Power Plenum 720 installed.

Existing FX Impacts can be upgraded

How to identify Power Block on FX Impact.

It’s easy to tell if your FX Impact has a Power Block on it or not. 

FX Impact Tungsten Hammer Weight.

Unlock the power capabilities of the Impact M3.

Slug shooting requires higher pressures to move the additional weight and bearing surface that slugs have. In addition, with the use of longer barrels, speed can be increased upon firing, if the valve can remain open longer. Both can be achieved with a first ever in the airgun world: the FX Impact Tungsten Hammer Weight.

Tungsten is a material that is 1.7x denser than steel (used for the standard FX hammers). This extra weight hits the valve with more power which allows the valve to open even at higher regulated pressures and stay open longer before closing.
This is particularly useful with longer barrels (700mm & 800mm) as the longer the barrel, the more desirable it is to have the valve stay open (ideally to just before the slug leaves the barrel).
Tungsten Hammers will also be available for the FX Wildcat MkIII, FX Maverick, FX Crown MkII and all FX Dreamline configurations. Note that those shooting standard pellets will not see benefits from the Tungsten Hammer


1.7x Denser than Steel

FX Tensioned Barrels

The advancement of slug shooting and the enhancements to the FX Impact have shooters wanting to use heavier slugs at faster speeds. This requires a more rigid barrel to handle the additional energy and vibra- tions created by these projectiles. The new FX Tensioned Barrel System adds the firmness needed to let you reach the potential of the FX Impact with heavy slugs, all while maintaining the extreme accuracy everyone expects from an FX Airgun.
Conceived and created by the famed airgun engineer Hein From- mann, who perfected it through a global collaboration with Johan & Fredrik Axelsson (Sweden), Matt Dubber & Roelf Vorster (South Africa) & Ernest Rowe (USA). The result is really showing off the brain trust at FX Airguns.

FX 700mm Slug Tensioned Barrel Kit With slug ready smooth twist x heavy liner standard 
700mm Tensioned Barrel System

From a barrel harmonics perspective, the tensioner system reduces the amplitude of barrel movement which results in better accuracy and more consistency. Secondarily the rigidness of the barrel becomes more temperature stable and will further hold zero regardless of conditions and to handle knocks to the barrel during hunting, PRS courses, etc.
The FX Tensioned Barrel System will be sold both as an add on system that can be used with any existing 700mm STX barrels, or sold with a barrel as part of a complete FX Slug Tensioned Barrel Kit. For optimal accuracy the tensioned barrel system should be used in unison with the FX Carbon Fiber Barrel Liners Sleeves.

Who is ready to dive into their Impact and upgrade to the Power Block?

Installation by a professional is recommended, but if you decide to do it on your own, you can watch the new FX Airguns Masterclass video which shows how to install the new Power Block Kit and the Tungsten Hammer. While the gun is taken apart, seize the opportunity to change out the hammer weight.

Learn to disassemble and reassemble your FX Impact to get that increase in power. You can view the video of the FX Power Block Kit and Tungsten Hammer Install for FX Impact below.

Contact our office for more information as to what your rifle needs.

Let’s take a further look and the overall features of the FX Impact M3:

The adjustability of the FX M3 includes:

  • Two adjustable regulators
  • An external Valve adjuster
  • Macroscale Hammer pre-tension adjustment
  • Microscale Hammer pre-tension adjustment

Adjustable Regulators: It is equipped with dual regulators. The first regulator pre-reduces the amount of air to the second working regulator. The reason for the first regulator is to lessen the stress on the second one and lighten its load allowing a more consistent output pressure with less fluctuation.

Valve Adjustment: Allows you to set the duration time of the valve staying open with every shot. This allows for the increase or decrease in power and it will be able to help you with the total shot count.

Hammer: The hammer adjustment comes in two scales. First is the Macro- Adjustment. It has 16 different settings that allows for increased speed at approximately 5 – 15 FPS per increased click. Then the Micro- Adjustment allows for very fine adjustment of the hammer with approximate 1-2 FPS per click. These adjustment features effectively allows for very fine and precise hammer adjustments to find the perfect speed and the best possible harmonic node.

All of the above mentioned features are directly involved in the tuning and adjustment aspect of the M3 that opens a seemingly endless variety of tuning options. The quick tune system is one of the most substantial upgrades to the M3. With this tool-free system, every shooter has unlimited possibilities for how they want their rifle to perform.

There are many other improvements to the FX Impact M3 which placed this airgun in its price bracket. One of those includes an ambidextrous short throw cocking lever with an enlarged handle for both left- and right-handed shooters. Another is tighter barrel housing tolerances which provides a tight fit and better accuracy.

There are aftermarket power and performance upgrades that can also be added for ultimate performance from the M3 like: Slug power kits and heavy superior slug liners that will provide you with the correct twist rate for your desired projectile weight for optimal projectile stabilization and accuracy.

It is undeniable that the M3 is the most advanced, most exciting and most accurate air rifle available today.

And if you are still not convinced, why not follow the advice of thousands of voters that made the M3 the 2022 Airgun of the year at the Great British Shooting Awards.

This is truly a rifle without limits.


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