The new upgraded FX Impact MKII with power plenum!

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FX Impact MKII with Power Plenum

Since the FX Impact made its first appearance, it has changed the airgun community’s perspective on what we know is possible with an airgun. What we see immediately at first appearance is the tactical design, which makes a significant statement on what this gun can offer. The semi bullpup form, AR grip and Picatinny rails have made this airgun the ultimate modular system to build on. The smooth side cocking lever is one of its best features and is placed perfectly above the trigger to allow for the quickest possible reloading and follow-up shots.

In this post, we will give an overview of the new upgrades on the FX Impact MKII with Power Plenum, including the features and benefits that it offers. This post will also give insight with regards to our services,  and how to correctly tune your FX Impact.

The Ultimate Modular System

The FX Impact is seen as the ultimate modular system to build on with its adjustable air valve control, hammer spring tension, and even regulator adjustments that can be made externally to allow for various configurations. The Impact is fitted with the FX Smooth Twist X Barrel which is housed in the Interchangeable Barrel Liner System.

What is different about the new MKII Power Plenum edition?

The latest version from FX Airguns features a massive upgrade with the new Power Plenum.

The Power Plenum pushes this gun to a whole new level when it comes to power and efficiency. The bigger plenum allows for improved airflow and sustained peak pressure which enables an improved pressure curve throughout the shot cycle, increasing the power and efficiency at any given reg pressure.

Tuning your FX Impact

A quick-change barrel kit system allows you to change calibers to either .177 or .22 with ease. All that is required is an extra barrel and pellet probe for each caliber.  You can swap and change barrel liners of various twist rates & bore specifications to accommodate your shooting needs. With different barrel kits and calibers, you can tune the Impact to any setting you want for high power or shot count.

We offer a free-of-charge tuning and power setup (Power Tune) through our FX Airgun Air Smith, Gerhard Slabbert when purchasing your FX Impact from us. He will add his personal touch and expertise to your gun before you collect it.

We offer local support, services and training and contact can be made with our Service and Support Centre for Airgun Servicing and Technical Training at our Indoor Airgun Shooting Range.

This gun setup will cater for all your shooting needs, and we at Patriot are excited to have this in our line-up of airguns for purchase.

Look out for a review video on our YouTube channel and little tuning tips that will be shared on our social media pages.